Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tanner's Way of Recycling

Tanner is a great recycler. What do you get when you combine the cardboard from a Soy Milk box and Tanner's imagination? That is right! A Mongol's armor - a breast plate. What do you get when you combine Honey Bunches of Oats box and Tanner's imagination? You guessed it again - The helmet of a battling Mongol. What do get when you combine the fin from broken surf board and a broken hockey stick? A weapon that every battling Mongol could use!

Tanner loves reading about battles. He loves any history that is about battles. Should I be worried? I think he only likes historic battles because he couldn't tell you about any battles that have occurred since the Civil War.

The kids in the neighborhood love his creativity and are always asking him to make them a variety of war items.

Steve and I both wonder what he will study in college and what profession he will choose.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I guess you don't always need a picture, right?

I haven't posted because I don't take too many pictures but Steve reminded me that we don't always have to have a picture.

Life has been anything but boring at our house. Adrian returned home for six months from BYUI and has been working feverishly to earn enough money to pay her parents back from last semesters loans and earn enough that she will not have to work during 2010 school year. She works four hours a day at a local family video store and another four hours a day with Skyler, an adorable autistic five year old. He is a brilliant boy who sometimes gets us laughing with the funny thing he says. He is intelligent and very curious. He is happy to help anyone do anything around the house.

Casey decided near the end of the summer that he would just like to take the GED test and move onto college a little early. He is working towards goal right now. He is also working very hard trying to save money for college in January and also to prepare for his mission. He can put his papers in about this time next year. He currently works at Subway and babysits two adorable children a couple of mornings a week for Elika. He comes home with cute stories about these kids each time he babysits. I think the oldest is three or and the youngest is just a year old. They will be getting a new baby in their home at anytime now. Elika was good enough to pass Casey's name along to the home builder that her husband works for. He has had Casey doing odd jobs until he finishes his two weeks at Subway and then he will begin construction. Elika probably regrets passing his name on since she will be out a babysitter. Cody is begging to take over but we will see what happens.

Cody and Tanner have started school and once again will be homeschooled. I guess it is just semi-homeschool because we drive to classes in town one day a week. The rest is done at home. The curriculum (K12) is fantastic. I love learning with them. Tanner has tried several busiensses and is learning a little about failure. His shave ice business flourished for a couple of days and then fizzled. Both Tanner and Cody are hoping to get on a tennis team this next week. They have also started piano lessons this week with Jessica who lives in our neighborhood and is one of my seminary students.

I started my 4th year of seminary this year - teaching the Book of Mormon which I love so much. Because Adrian still doesn't have her drivers license I have been driving her to pick up and take home Skyler each day. It is about two hours a day on the road. Her drivers tests is next Tuesday and we are all praying she will pass so I can get some free time. We purchased a 1992 Honda Accord for her to drive. She and Casey feel a new freedom with that car.

Michelle is going nuts with Cash For Clunkers. It has really gave her a great love for our federal government:) She is awaiting Puna the first part of September so that she won't be so lonely by herself over there. Her man, Korver, is growing in leaps and bounds but oh what a cutie he is.

Erin got a job teaching at the MTC and is finally putting down some roots this weekend. She has been living out of a suitcase for two years now.

Matthew will be returning home in just under two months. He is trying to figure out what to do with his life after the mission. It will be nice to have him home. We are all counting down.

Steve keeps busy with the university budget and being a bishop. He seems to do well at both of those. He is really pushing to finish the budget because he will be flying to Salt Lake to present the budget the first part of September.