Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally! A New Post

Yes, Cody's legs are getting very hairy. He is growing up to fast.

It seems we lead a rather boring life here with not much to write about. Well we had just a little excitement last week. It wasn't anything super great but just something we could blog about. After the Tanner and Cody had finished their school work they asked if they could go to the mountains. They have gone there for scouts and with friends before and so I was fine with that. Cody wanted to bike there but Tanner didn't. He wanted to haul up some things because he is making a fort up there. It is always hard to bike with a heavy backpack full of machetes and things for the fort so he asked if I would drive them and go with them. I didn't want to because I had so much to do. In the end, Cody biked and Tanner and I drove to the base of the trail. It is a great place for mountain bikes with several jumps to go off. Cody was having the time of his life with his bike. It was a hot day and after about 30 minutes he was really exhausted from biking. He decided that he would stop and help Tanner with the fort. They were hacking down bushes and small trees with their machetes and hauling them over to cover the fort etc. I heard an "Oh no! Oh no!" Cody came out of the bushes with blood dripping down his leg. He ran over to me and he opened the wound so we could see if it was deep. It was real deep - to his bone. I have to say that it was a very clean cut since he had sharpened his machete the night before. We took off his shirt and tied it tightly around the wound and then he got on the bike and I started pushing him. Once we got to the hilly part he was just to coast down the trail to the car and get in the car. We hurried but were not necessarily panicked about it. He got about half way down the hill and he began to turn white as a sheet and say he needed to throw up. He end up walking the last little bit of the trail but we did make it to the car. I wanted to look at it better at home and see if I could maybe just put a butterfly bandage on it but by the time we got home it had really spread open and you could see the layering in his fat and muscles etc. It was rather gross. We took him to the health center and the doctor (who is a good friend of Steve's) was excited to see us. Cody was very brave - never once did he panic or cry.

Later I remarked that it was really good that I had decided to go. Tanner reassured me that he knew how to do everything I did and he would have been fine handling it on his own. Cody will have his stithes for about 1 1/2 weeks because it is deep. On the way home from getting stitches he said "we really should have taken a picture before they stitched it." You all should thank me that we didn't:)