Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adrian, Erin and Africa

These are the little children from the family that Erin and Adrian lived with in Africa. They grew to appreciate so many things that we take for granted - electricity, running water, a variety of foods and so near the end - safety
These kids loved Adrian so much that Erin said she had "rock star" status at the orphanage. I wish we could post all of their touching pictures. This was truly a priceless experience for our girls.

The Cook Out

Tanner cooks out often over the firepit he made on our back porch. They go big too - usually steak wrapped in bacon. Once they start all the kids in the neighbor smell it and join in.

Casey and Kaika

Kaika always calls Adrian and wants to play. He is in love with her and so when she is home he spends a lot of time at our house. This day he played so hard at the beach that when Casey put him up on his shoulders and he had a place to lay his head he just passed out.

You've Got to Love Hawaii

Here in Hawaii we just take all of our complaints, threats, and feelings and spray paint them onto a board for display. This is a house we walk by often to hike in the mountains. Next thing you know we might be seeing headstones.

Tanner's Reading Place in the Ulu Tree

Tanner spends most of his days making things. They usually don't last long because he needs the things to build the next contraption.

Mother's Day

Wow! I had the most wonderful Mother's Day! It was so special to have all my kids home, especially my girls home from Africa. The girls also invited my dear friend, Patricia, over to celebrate Mother's Day with me. I decided we are inviting her next year too because she arrived with the crowns and beads to really make me feel like I was queen for the day. The girls fixed a fantastic meal and we ate to our hearts delight and then just sat and visited while everyone did the dishes and cleaned the mess up. I love days like that!
Patricia's son, Alexander, is Cody's friend. We met through the boys and the minute I met her I felt that friendship bond. She is an inspiration to me in so many ways. I have stood in awe as I have watched her face her trials so gracious and positively. I'm sure her lovely bald head (voted by many on the island to be perfectly shaped) is a dead give away that she is beating back cancer that continues to plague her - but look at that smile on her face. Do you see what I mean about her? I find I selfishly try to be around her just to feel of her love and greatness.

Tanner's Midnight Lights Restaurant

Tanner received some money for his birthday and wanted to give back to his friends in the neighborhood so he and his friend, Taimona, spent the day making the Midnight Lights Restaurant. The picture is blurry but I wanted you to get an idea of how they had lights and tiki torches to set the "mood." When Steve and I arrived home from our Friday night date, business had slowed to a trickle but I think every kid on our block was full of soda. (Yuck) They opened again the next day with the left over soda and musubi for lunch. They loved giving away free food.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last But Not Least

I couldn't ask for better kids! I feel really blessed as a mother. It was wonderful to be together over the holidays after three years. We flew to the Big Island and stayed at the home some kind friends let us use. As I watched the kids playing games, having "sleepovers", competing in basketball games and just talking together I remembered back to earlier years when I felt so overwhelmed with so many little ones at home. Seeing them all grown up and enjoying each other now really was a payback for the earlier hard times.

I haven't blogged for some time and so I can't seem to delete one of these pictures. I guess you will see the serious one and the one when we are acting silly.

We recently had family pictures. We had these a couple of days before Adrian and Erin left for Africa. We were worried they wouldn't still love each other like this after living in Africa together but they are having the time of their lives and I think they love each other even more.