Sunday, October 4, 2009

And I thought Hawaii was Paradise!

We stayed at this beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Washington. My sister and brother-in-law own the place, Cameo Heights Mansion. It sits on a bluff overlooking their orchards and a river.
If you want to see it better go to .
Nine of us siblings attended the Columbia River temple where we did some family names and sealed children to parents and sealed spouses. What a treat! It just gave me a little vision of what the Celestial Kingdom will be like.

This is the view from Steve and my room. We were even able to walk through the orchards and eat our fill of apples. I ate so many I was almost sick. That brings me to the food -- we ate the most delicious food I had eaten in a long time. This place is really unbelievable.

Each room has these warm fuzzy robes. Great to throw on after a cool swim even though they make you look twice your size. My youngest brother and his wife are the only ones missing. Mayree fell and had a very bad sprained ankle and couldn't travel. We really missed those two because they are still young and are usually the life of the party.

Since we couldn't all fit in the hot tub we had to take turns.

This was just a small view of the French Room that Steve and I stayed in. I told Steve my dream is to one day own a king size bed so that I can roll over in the night without knocking into him. These beds were heavenly! It reminded me of the mission field and the new futons we got that just sucked us in. It makes it awful hard to get up in the morning.