Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is our condo. Paul and Airi were a couple of buildings away but we ran back and forth and ate all of our meals together.

This is the Kurihara Family. Paul and Steve were mission companions. It just took Paul a while to find such a great woman like Airi and so his children are a little younger than ours. Even though the kids are different ages they all had fun together.

This is a beautiful view of the taro fields. As you go down the hill towards these fields there is a one lane bridge that everyone takes turns crossing. The locals have fought to keep it a one lane bridge.

This is the Kilauea Lighthouse. We wanted to go see it but found it was $5/person so we just drove a little higher and got a beautiful view.

Opaeka Falls on Kauai

For Christmas our dear friends, the Kurihara's, invited us to go to Kauai with them for a week. We had so much fun!! What a beautiful island! This is just one of the places we visited.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

How High Can You Go?

Two blogs in one day?????? What else can you do on a rainy day when everything is canceled - besides cook for your husband? I've been wanting to put this on for a couple of weeks now but I haven't had time so today was the day. Every since Matt left on his mission we have had an extra bed. Casey didn't want the bed up in his room because it was taking up space so he just stacked it on his bed and made it higher. That really made Tanner and Cody jealous because a big tall bed looks so much fun. We had company not too long ago and so we took the extra matress off for them. When they left Tanner and Cody grabbed it and decided to make a really high bed in their room. They still sleep in the same bed together often (usually it is when one of them has seen a cockroach on their bed or something.) I went in the other morning to find the bed stacked and both of them in it. It was so high that it was tilting and Cody had rolled down into Tanner and Tanner looked like he was just about to roll off the bed. This picture is R-rated because Tanner sleeps in his underwear. (It's too hot to sleep in much else here.)

A Day Off

In Hawaii we have times when the clouds seem to open and it downpours for about five minutes and then it stops. Last night it downpoured all night long! It wasn't a slow steady rain, it poured all night. It is rare that we ever get thunder and lightening but it went throughout the night. I thought if it was real bad the power would go out but we never lost power. I awoke at 4:45 as usual to get ready for seminary. I left for the church an hour later with the rain still pouring down. I started driving with my windshielf wipes going on high speed. I drove my usual way but the road was flooded so I tried a new route. I never made it to the church. Everything has been canceled for the day. There is no school, very few stores are opened, roads are closed and bridges are "compromised." Many homes are full of water. BYU-Hawaii is closed except for the testing center. The Red Cross has moved in and set up shelters.
You think everyone would be in their homes enjoying a good video - but not in Hawaii. The kids are loving it. People are rafting and kayaking up and down the streets and having a blast. The rain has slowed but continues. Steve told me it seems like a baking day. I think that is a major hint so I'll spend the rest of the day making up some goodies. If the rain would have been snow we would really be ready for Christmas.