Friday, October 31, 2008

Peace in the Neighborhood

I just have to say I will be so glad when the elections are over. I've had enough of it all. I don't think either choice is that great. The funny thing is Tanner, our youngest, has really got involved. He makes me think of my nephew Jeremy who was a Rush Limbaugh follower at about age five, ok maybe six or seven years of age. We were driving into town the other day and they were talking on the radio about how Obama is a big pro-abortion man. They talked about how he even supports partial birth abortion and then went on to explain what it was. Tanner was appalled with what he heard and we discussed it openly. You can imagine his horror later that day when the neighbor posted a Obama/Biden sign in their front yard. After they had gone inside he went out to survey the problem. Then he hollered up to my bedroom window "Mom, look out the window and look at this sign." Keep in mind that here in Hawaii no one closes their windows so you can hear everything. He then asked if he could "burn the sign." I had him come in and we had a little discussion about how to act in such circumstances. He couldn't leave it alone though. About fifteen minutes later I hear him discussing the issue with the neighbor's two children, ages 11 and 8. He was asking them how they could support a "baby killer." I once again called him in and we had another little talk and I gave a stern warning. About ten minutes later I hear him chanting "Ralph Nader for president." I have to say that Steve and I have never spoke of Ralph Nader so I have no idea where he got that. We have never hooked up our TV in Hawaii and so his favorite website is CNN. To make a long story short we finally had to have him come inside for the rest of the day just to keep the peace in the neighborhood.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why I Really Feel Old

Computers make me feel really old. I remember going to college many years ago and learning "key punch." Computers didn't exist! I try to keep up with technology but I think it moves too fast for me. About two months ago I began homeschooling. Maybe you cannot call it homeschooling because the boys are really in a school but everything is done on their laptops, (which the school furnishes for them) from home. Because we had more than one computer we order a "wireless" something so they could all be on at once. This week, out of the blue, Tanner's new laptop stopped picking up a wireless signal. I immediately texted Big Al, our family's computer specialist, for help. He was so great to hear the panic in my text and called. He proceeded to try to help me over the phone find out the problem. Keep in mind who he was working with! After trying a few things and still not figuring out the problem, he said in a very patient tone of voice "Look around on the sides or anywhere and see if you can find a switch that is the "on" "off" switch for wireless." I turned the computer upside down, sideways, and every which way and didn't see one single switch for wireless. He then asked what kind it was. I told him it was an HP and then he said to look above the keyboard by the power button and sure enough.... there was a little wireless logo. That is why I'm saying I really feel old when it comes to doing much on computers. Maybe I don't feel old.... maybe I just feel dumb!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Family Has Grown

Referring to the picture below you are probably wondering where we got the gorgeous dark haired girl in the picture. Since our move to Hawaii we have adopted two new daughters. The gorgeous one in the picture is our adopted daughter Puna. After graduation she moved to the mainland to keep our other gorgeous adopted daughter, Michelle company. Since Michelle was not here for family pictures we will have to post another photo of her. She is a professional photographer so we are hoping that she can make it back home over the Christmas holidays and then we will get photos of the whole family minus the missionaries.

Better Family Picture

We are waiting for our professional web designer to fix the top picture that we all have double chins in :) So until then here is one that makes us all look thinner.

From Tuellers

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's growin' now!

Tell me this doesn't make you laugh.. and i will call you a liar.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beach Boys


Cody likes surfing more than Tanner, but since he can't go by himself he is constantly begging anyone to go. Today was a lucky day so we decided to document it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A few of the 19th Ward students.

Kaena Point

There were two sea lions just laying on the rocks in the sun. We were able to get fairly close. Tanner got in the water and started swimming and one of the seal lions jumped in to go after him. He got out as fast as he could. They can be mean and he wasn't taking any chances.

Last weekend we hiked with Steve's ward to Kaena Point. It is the north west point of the island. It was really beautiful and we had a great time hiking and getting to know the students in the ward better. They are really great people!
This is the Tueller blog which we hope will allow our friends and family to keep up with our happenings here in Hawaii (and where ever else we might move in the future.) I'm not that great at keeping up with things so I'm hoping my children will help out and post along with me.