Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last But Not Least

I couldn't ask for better kids! I feel really blessed as a mother. It was wonderful to be together over the holidays after three years. We flew to the Big Island and stayed at the home some kind friends let us use. As I watched the kids playing games, having "sleepovers", competing in basketball games and just talking together I remembered back to earlier years when I felt so overwhelmed with so many little ones at home. Seeing them all grown up and enjoying each other now really was a payback for the earlier hard times.

I haven't blogged for some time and so I can't seem to delete one of these pictures. I guess you will see the serious one and the one when we are acting silly.

We recently had family pictures. We had these a couple of days before Adrian and Erin left for Africa. We were worried they wouldn't still love each other like this after living in Africa together but they are having the time of their lives and I think they love each other even more.