Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Missionaries

Casey is headed to San Diego, California Mission and is currently in the MTC and loving every minute of it. He has prepared (other than financially) for this day since he was a little boy and will make a fantastic missionary. Erin works at the MTC and so she gets to see him just a bit longer than the rest of us.

Adrian received her call two days before Christmas and was shocked when she opened her call and read she would be serving in the Houston Texas East Mission. Not only that, she will be learning Spanish like her older sister Erin. Of all the destinatioins she had tried to imagine in her mind, she never once thought it would be Houston Texas. One man in our community moved to Hawaii from nearby Houston. He told Adrian "If I had a house in Houston and a house in Hell I would rent out the house in Houston and live in Hell." On a positive note, he also told her that she will not find any nicer people than in Texas. Adrian will make a fantastic sister because she loves everyone and also has prepared for some time to serve. She has a strong testimony and is anxious to share it.


I have never claimed to be a good Blogger. I feel like I can hardly keep up as it is and so blogging is always the last thing on my list - therefore it rarely gets done. I will try to update things for the last few months. Casey entered the Halloween surf competition along with some friends. The friends rummaged through Adrian's closet for their costume.