Sunday, January 4, 2009

Memory and Age

I know you are never to compare but once in a while I do it. Compared to my school friends I'm a little behind. One school friend just sent me her youngest daughters wedding announcement. When I compare myself with my older sister Deanne I really feel behind. She had several grandchildren when she was my age. I usually don't feel that far behind but there are times when I do feel old and a little behind. It usually is my "memory" (or lack thereof) that makes me feel that way. One such occasion occurred this week.

We have a rule - sleepovers are not allowed. We have had that rule for quite some time but I have to confess that there have been a few times that we have allowed them. One such time occurred this week. Casey had a friend stay over on New Years Eve to celebrate the New Year with us. He lives in Sunset and the last bus going that way would leave at 10:00 p.m. Good excuse right? Well Tanner decided since we had allowed that sleepover he would try for one with the neighbor boy. He kept asking why we never allow them and the answer was not good enough. He reminded me when I had let him have a sleepover many years ago. I reminded him how grumpy he had been the next day. He said "Oh right mom. Like you can you remember that far back when you cannot even remember that you grounded me yesterday." He does have a point. I always throw out the consequences for actions only to forget them the next day. That is terrible I know. It is usually one of the other kids that says,"Why is Tanner outside playing when you told him he cannot play today because he called me a *!^# yesterday?"

I guess we just weren't meant to be raising young kids at this age when our memory is failing!


brent and kashann said...

I love it that sleepovers aren't allowed. Why didn't I think of that? Casper Family new rule.
I totally forget you are that close to my mom's age. And I would way rather have your job than my mom's right now. I am glad Tanner is keeping you young.

Our family said...

Somehow we didn't realize you had a blog until today! We're adding you to our blog list. =)

-Chris & Evelyn

Blake and Leslie said...

It's okay Laurie,it's not just age that memory lost occur. I have the same problem! We miss you and your family!

Blake and Leslie said...

I forgot to mention that memory lost happen when you become a parent not because of age!

IWA said...

So Im not going to ask you age.... but i would have just figured your my age, like i do with everybody else, until I actually ask.... Leslie is right.. memory goes as soon as you become pregnant... or at least thats what i blame my memory loss on!

Airi said...

I think that after 5 kids or even more 6, it just comes with the package. are NOT old...just THINK young and you will forever be young...just like you are now. We love hanging out with you all and I especially appreciate your wisdom and experience as a mother.