Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mother's Day

Wow! I had the most wonderful Mother's Day! It was so special to have all my kids home, especially my girls home from Africa. The girls also invited my dear friend, Patricia, over to celebrate Mother's Day with me. I decided we are inviting her next year too because she arrived with the crowns and beads to really make me feel like I was queen for the day. The girls fixed a fantastic meal and we ate to our hearts delight and then just sat and visited while everyone did the dishes and cleaned the mess up. I love days like that!
Patricia's son, Alexander, is Cody's friend. We met through the boys and the minute I met her I felt that friendship bond. She is an inspiration to me in so many ways. I have stood in awe as I have watched her face her trials so gracious and positively. I'm sure her lovely bald head (voted by many on the island to be perfectly shaped) is a dead give away that she is beating back cancer that continues to plague her - but look at that smile on her face. Do you see what I mean about her? I find I selfishly try to be around her just to feel of her love and greatness.

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Leslie said...

What amazing person and how lucky you are to be part of her life...being a mother is truly a blessing!