Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life After Boston

After 10 days in Boston we headed back to Utah. We met up with Steve's family in Eden, Utah at a great resort called Moose Hollow. The three bedroom condo was beautiful and cost us only $99/night. Erin, Michelle and Adrian were able to meet us there and spend the 4th of July weekend with us. I just wish I had Michelle's pictures to post. She is the photographer in the family and does such a fantastic job.

Erin with her cousin Morgan.

Michelle (our adopted Hawaiian daughter) and cousin Olivia.

Adrian and her cute little cousin Truman. Truman was such a joy to be around. He always seemed so happy, no matter what we were doing. Sarah (his mom) said he is just happy being around people. We feel blessed to have Truman as part of our family. There is a giant spirit in that little body of his.
We rented a jet ski and went to Pineview Reservoir. Michelle will have to get my password and post her pictures because I have nothing to prove we ever did that. We rarely splurge on things like that so it was a real treat for the kids. (They chose to do that rather than go to Lagoon. )

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