Sunday, July 26, 2009

On to Church History

The big rock is the front step of Joseph Smith's home he was born in. Tanner took a leaf from the tree and has been drying it. He wants to save it forever.

We thought since we were so close to some church history that we should take advantage of that and so we drove three hours north to Sharon Vermont, to the birth place of the Prophet Joseph Smith. The rain cleared long enough for us to take the short tour and then it began to pour again. As we were taking the tour they asked where we were from. We explained we were from Hawaii and they saidthe day before a missionary couple, who had just returned from serving in Hawaii, had come through. It turned out that Steve knew them well. Steve e-mailed them and told them we were following them around.


Leslie said...

Goodness what an wonderful trip for your family to always to cherish!

Al said...

hands down my favorite church site.