Sunday, July 26, 2009

On to Idaho

We moved on to Idaho to see friends and family. We stayed in Idaho Falls with my brother and his family. We had so much fun seeing them and their kids. They just moved to Idaho Falls from Tenessee and so we rarely got to see them. It was so fun to see old friends again and spend time on the weekend with Adrian and Erin who are at BYUI - Erin working and Adrian studying.

Our dear friends from our Idaho Falls ward, the Griffiths, invited us to their cabin in Island Park. Everytime we go they treat us like royalty. John takes the kids down the river in the raft during the summer and in the winter he takes them sledding down the stairs to the river. Bobbie has all kinds of treats for the kids. The highlight is when we do smores around the camp fire. We always have a wonderful time with them.

This is a game the kids love to play while there. Tanner doesn't like the competition so he chose to chop wood after a swim in the freezing river instead.

Bobbie feeds the rock chucks daily and so there is a whole family that now camps on the back porch. I think they have even let the aunties and uncles in on the good deal because the next day there were even more of them. The view from the cabin is fantastic. At night as we looked across the river we saw deer. The next morning when we had breakfast on the deck we could see otter in the river. I love the peaceful feeling there.

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Leslie said...

Did you miss the ocean? How great to actually spend time with love ones camping in Nature! Beautiful views!